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Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)

Advanced Biostructural Correction is a straightforward method of adjusting that allows patients to get rid of aches and pains and regain function by adjusting (moving by hand) only the joints that need to be adjusted and then letting the body do the rest. This allows the body not only to recover from injuries and episodes of back pain but also to stand up straighter and to function better than before.

ABC was created by Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz and is a result of many years of research, hard work, and perseverance.

How is ABC different from other types of chiropractic care?

Simply put, many other methods of chiropractic push on the spine, as well as other joints, to look for areas that are stiff and not moving well.  These areas are then adjusted (moved by hand) in order to increase their motion. ABC differs distinctly because is recognizes that areas of stiffness are compensations and are stabilizing the body as a whole.  Rather than adjusting these areas, ABC objectively detects and corrects joints that have lost leverage and are no longer supporting the body efficiently.  Fixing these areas eliminates the need for compensations and allows stiff areas to relax and move better without forcing them to.

The net effect: lasting relief from pain and a body that functions better as a whole.

Still other methods of chiropractic attempt to find bones that are out of optimal alignment and correct them by applying a force directly to the bone in order to realign it.  For example, if a vertebra (cylindrical shaped bone of the spine) is rotated to the left, an attempt would be made to rotate it back to the right. ABC recognizes that these misalignments occur because the body is compensating for a structural loss of leverage.  Trying to realign them by force does not work. They will go right out of alignment again as soon as the person starts to move around because they are needed to keep the body upright and functioning. With ABC, the only misalignments that are adjusted are those that the body cannot self correct.  Once these adjustments are made, the compensating bones that are out of alignment will realign without any external force because the body no longer needs the compensations in order to stay upright.

The net result: a body that stands up straight with little to no muscular effort.


Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Sczerzenie offers nutritional counseling for individuals striving for health in a world where eating healthy is often very challenging.  Dr. Sczerzenie takes a “food first” approach to meeting the body’s nutritional needs. She strives to make dietary recommendations that are fun and delicious, as well as to take into account individual tastes and cultural preferences.  The best results occur when patients are willing to work hard and try new things.

Supplemental recommendations are made as needed after assessing dietary options.  A small stock of supplements are kept on hand and others can be ordered. Quality matters!  Dr. Sczerzenie sells only brands that go above and beyond quality control standards. Whether you purchase supplements in office or elsewhere, please do no hesitate to ask questions!  Do your best to research brands before purchasing in order to 1) be safe, 2) get the best health benefits, and 3) get the most out of your dollar!