I tried chiropractic before and it didn’t work.  Why should I try this?

Please see “How is ABC different from other types of chiropractic care?” (link)


I tried chiropractic before and I felt better for a few days but then the aches and pains came back.  How will this be different?

Please see “How is ABC different from other types of chiropractic care?” (link)


How long will treatment take?  I’ve heard some people continue to see the chiropractor for many years.

Length of treatment depends mainly on two factors; 1) how healthy the biomechanics of your body are and 2) how healthy you want the biomechanics of your body to be.  The majority of patients feel significant relief within the first 2-3 visits. However, it takes 4-6 weeks to resolve and stabilize the average episode of back pain. After that, you’ll be feeling and moving better than you have in years.  However, your body will be far from mechanically perfect. It can take several years to “unwind” through all the damage the body has accumulated. Typically, people who are overall younger, healthy, and mobile tend to need less care. People who have been in pain for a longer period of time and have a history of car accidents or other injuries require more work.

The third most important factor in how much care you will need is YOU!  Doing your absolute best to comply with sleeping, sitting, and standing instructions, getting adequate sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet are very important to the healing process.  Protect the investment you’ve made in you health and take good care of yourself!


I’m a bit nervous about having my joints “cracked”.  Is your method of adjusting gentle?

A good adjustment is 95% set up and 5% force.  What does that mean? The most important part of an adjustment is getting the patient and the doctor in the right position.  From there, it takes very little force to effectively move the bones and make the correction needed. Sometimes a little extra force is needed, but for the most part, all adjustments are very gentle.

Also, Dr. Elizabeth views trust, safety, and comfort as foundational components of good patient care.  If you don’t feel comfortable at any point in the adjustment, please let the doctor know.